In 2002, C. Randy Davis re-entered the development business as Davis Contracting and is currently working on two (2) single-family neighborhoods, “the Arbors at Fair Oaks” and the “Hampton Preserve”. Davis is also planning a townhome development to be called Summit Ridge.C. Randy Davis is a third generation builder and has been actively involved in the construction and development business since 1971.

Davis started out by building single family homes in neighborhoods developed by the family business of N.R.S. Properties, Inc. Davis Gradually moved to multifamily and light commercial construction. By 1988 Davis was involved, almost exclusively, in commercial construction under the name of Davis Commercial Contracting. From 1990 to 2002, Davis was awarded contracts from local, state, and federal government agencies. The property consisted of schools, gymnasiums, fire stations, health care facilities, office buildings, industrial buildings and housing developments.

He has been actively involved in the National Association of Home Builders for over 30 years and has been elected president of the local association five (5) times.